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add a new cell to npar

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add a new cell to npar


I have a rp7420 server with one cell board and one npartition. I want to add a new cell to this partition. Igot the following error.What is the problem?

Cells exist in the complex that cannot be mixed within a single nPartition. The following groups indicate those cells that are mutually compatible. Do not mix cells from different groups in the same nPartition.

Group 1:
Cell Compatibility: 35024-PA
Firmware Revision: 22.2
cab0, cell1

Group 2:
Cell Compatibility: 35040-PA
Firmware Revision: 22.2
cab0, cell0

# parmodify -p 0 -a 0:base:y:ri
Warning: The IODC version of cell 1073751848 (35040) and cell 1 (35024) do not match.
Note: It may take a longer time for the partition to boot if
any cell is performing power-on selftest.

# parstatus -C

CPU Memory Use
OK/ (GB) Core On
Hardware Actual Deconf/ OK/ Cell Next Par
Location Usage Max Deconf Connected To Capable Boot Num
========== ============ ======= ========= =================== ======= ==== ===
cab0,cell0 Inactive 8/0/8 16.0/0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis0 no - -
cab0,cell1 Active Core 8/0/8 16.0/0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis1 yes yes 0

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Re: add a new cell to npar

HI Hasan,
1. could you please check from vfp the cell 0 is in reconfigure reset mode ie BIB mode. I hope the cell's should be in BIB mode during partition confirugaration.

2. check the sysrev output and check both cells and i/o 's are having same firmware.

Thanks and regards
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Re: add a new cell to npar


looks like you have different firmware versions on the certain components. Please run

MP:CM> sysrev

from the MP prompt and post.

Hope this helps!

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Re: add a new cell to npar

I think your cellboard firmware different between cell 0 and cell 1

please look at output from sysrev command at MP.

Diferent firmware cellboard at one partition not allowed. but if you want create new partition with cell #1 i think its possible.

Bharath PSB

Re: add a new cell to npar

I think you are using cells with different processors. Check for the consistency of the processors.