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adding SWC (A5570-60005) to rp2470 : how?

Stan Sieler
Respected Contributor

adding SWC (A5570-60005) to rp2470 : how?

I'm trying to add a Secure Web Console
card (A5570-60005) to my rp2470 ... I can plug
it in, but neither status light lights up.
(I've tried two different SWC cards, and
one PCI LAN card, none light up).
(The PCI LAN card came with the machine.)

Any suggestions?

(I've pressed S1/S2 to reset to factory default, BTW.)

Reviewing the rp24xx hardware manual on the
web makes me wonder if it's possible to add
an SWC card in the field.

The older of the two SWC cards has a cable
coming from it (at P2), p/n/ A5570-63005,
but no obvious place to plug it in on the rp2470.

The newer of the two SWC cards lacks the pins
at P2 to plug a cable in.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: adding SWC (A5570-60005) to rp2470 : how?

Stan Sieler
Respected Contributor

Re: adding SWC (A5570-60005) to rp2470 : how?

Hi tkc, thanks for the info, however it
applies to the external SWC box, not to
the PCI card version :(

Oddly, I'd found that page earlier today: http://docs.hp.com/en/1049/index.html
but when it displayed, I thought "sheesh,
something's fouled up, there's no manual
here, just a graphic of a SWC web page" :)
(It isn't obvious that one can/should
click on anything ... for future readers
of this page, click on the white "SWC" button
in the top middle.)

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: adding SWC (A5570-60005) to rp2470 : how?


The cable you refer to plugs into the gsp card, just below the PCI SWC card. The gsp card has a black jumper block over the pins, when not in used.

I Also seem to remember reading somewhere about the two cards.

The A5570- part number one was for the older A500's(A5570A) and has the cable and the newer A5858- part number card was for the newer rp2470's(A6890A) with the higher speed processors. These also have a different part number GSP card so maybe they dont have the cable connection either?

The cable may have just been power related and not needed with the new design.

When the cards are installed, even though there is no link light? is the card seen at PDC level in the information menu? prove the slots ok?

failing that try reseating the pci backplane assy completly. The server will actually run without it in so worth checking its ok. I have had to reseat quite a few after been shipped before.