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attn LED is flashing

Reiner Mueller
Occasional Visitor

attn LED is flashing

RP5400 flashes the LED "Attn" at the server!

How can one turn this LED off?
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: attn LED is flashing

Hi Reiner,

You will have to logon to the GSP from your console and read the error logs.

from console, press ctrl+b
GSP> sl
press 'e'
press 'n' (for filtering)
press 'q' (quit)
GSP> co (back to console)

Hope this helps,
Frequent Advisor

Re: attn LED is flashing


To turn off :
Press ctrl-b
use e error
use n for filter
press enter , when the led attention is off
press q
use co to back console mode

good luck !!!
The time is gold
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Re: attn LED is flashing

Lets not forget to read the alert that caused the ATTN LED to light. Something relating to a bad boot attempt can be ignored of course, but if you have a fan or power supply failure, the system is trying to tell you this.

Just my 2c.

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