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boot errors

Raymond Ramirez
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boot errors

I have an HP 9000 rp5405 with HP-UX B.11.11, and today it was accidentally powered off. At reboot, it shows the following errors on the console:

execve("/sbin/sh") failed, errno 0x00000005

execve("/bin/sh") failed, errno 0x00000002

msgcnt 1 vxfs: mesg 037: vx_metaioerr - /dev/root file system metadata read error

msgcnt 2 vxfs: mesg 016: vx_ilisterr - / file system error reading node 1864

Then it goes into a monitor with many other messages and alerts. I tried the "BOOT ALT" at the IPL menu prompt and I get :
IPL error: bad LIF magic.

I wish to know how can I get the system back up again.

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Re: boot errors

Hi Raymond,

The boot disk is reporting file corruption issues. See if you can get it to boot into single user mode and fsck may resolve it.

See these links for more information on file system corruption: