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booting RP7410

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booting RP7410

We just got a new RP7410 and it boots into the boot main menu. We were told to goto the mp prompt and type in co au on. How do you get to the MP prompt? What is the MP prompt? And is that correct?


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Re: booting RP7410

If there is an OS on the system you should be able to just type this:


N Don't interact.

It should boot off of local disk.

If there is no OS, you should put the Core OS CD in the cdr drive and boot off that:


bo p#
# replace # with the number of the CDR, this can be calculated from the hardware path stamped on the system.

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Re: booting RP7410

The MP prompt is access to the system in a similar fashion like the older GSP. The MP takes into account that you can have multiple partitions (cells) on the system though.

If you have an OS loaded onto the system and the boot device is defined and configured, you should be able to BO PRI to boot off the primary boot disk (if defined).

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Re: booting RP7410

Hi Jeff,

Just hook a console to the DB9 in back labeled such & you should get an MP login prompt.
Username = Admin
PW = Admin
That'll take you to the MP> prompt from which you type CO for console access - partition 0 (zero). Hopefully then you'll be at the BCH> prompt & from there type BO PRI to start the boot from the primary boot disk.

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Re: booting RP7410

Looks like you are in the boot main manu. If so, you can access the MP (maintenance processor) by type ctrl-b.

If this system doesn't have any OS on it, then you will have to create a "Genesis" partition first using the 'cc' command. So, a one cell partition will be created upon which you will be installing the OS. Once the OS installed, you can use 'parmgr' command to add the other cell or create a new partition with it.

Look at the followign document on handling nPar systems.


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Re: booting RP7410

I think I should have given more info.
It is a new box with 11.11 loaded. When we reboot the box every Sunday, I don't want the box to stop at the boot menu. I want it to come up automaticly. We were told to type in at the MP> prompt "co au on" to set auto boot, but we can't get to the MP prompt to set it. How do we get to the MP prompt to set auto boot.
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Re: booting RP7410

Hi Jeff,

On npar systems, you will need to set 'Path Flags". It can be set once you are at BCH (boot main menu). To do it

..Main Menu>CO
Configuration Menu: Enter command>pf
Note the contents. It should say something like "primary boot path, go to BCH" etc., Alter the behaviour like this
Configuration Menu: Enter command>pf PRI 2
It should say
Primary Boot Path Action
Boot Actions: Boot from this path.
If unsuccessful, go to next path.
Configuration Menu: Enter command>pf HAA 1
It should say
HA Alternate Boot Path Action
Boot Actions: Boot from this path.
If unsuccessful, go to BCH.

Following is only applicable if you have configured another alternate boot disk in which case specify 2 for HAA and 1 for ALT. But it doesn't hurt if you specify simply to go to BCH as it doesn't go beyond HAA.

Configuration Menu: Enter command>pf ALT 1


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Re: booting RP7410

Hi Jeff,

On the 7410 this can be set from with HP-UX by using the setboot command.

#setboot -b on

Check the setboot manpage for details.

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Re: booting RP7410

Dear all,


I´m facing the same problem and for my case it just stops on the LOGIN prompt but it´s not giving me the option to type anything. I changed the console to another server and the keyboar is working fine, but with this server it´s not.


What could be the problem.


Check the image for more details.



Nelson Chamba\

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Re: booting RP7410

I am having problem with the HP RP7410 , issue is that when i poweron the server, i get the MP Login and i can get the telnet access to the MP login but i did not get the root login , led of pci card did'nt blink at all from which i will be getting the access to root. What are the steps should i check ? Someone please help me out.


Sharing  the log files for reference. Please get me out of this problem.