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Re: booting rp7410

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Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

booting rp7410

dear all, can some one tell me how can make my server boots normally, it just goes to MP Login, from there o went to co-->partion 0--> and here nothing happens. it just accepts the CTRL-B to go back to the main menu.

I have an attentions led coming from a malfunction of one of the funs but it can't be the reason of the machine stops booting. Please i need help.

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Re: booting rp7410

Login prompt.
Username = Admin
PW = Admin
That'll take you to the MP> prompt from which you type CO for console access - partition 0 (zero). Hopefully then you'll be at the BCH> prompt & from there type BO PRI to start the boot from the primary boot disk

Looks a discussion is going on already.


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Re: booting rp7410

from MP goto VFP and check whether your cells joined in the partition and check the heartbeat status and look for any error.
if all showing well goto MP>CM>rs to reset the partition after goto VFP for observing the progres.Please post the outputs.
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Re: booting rp7410

1 failed fans are not a problem, but 2 failed fans are!

Check the status with "ps" command from MP and also the the system event logs for related messages.

Hope this helps!

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Hakki Aydin Ucar
Honored Contributor

Re: booting rp7410

My recommendations for rp7410 that got stuck:

-Check event logs
-Power reset as nijoki stated
-disconnect power cable for awhile and re-connect cable and power on server.
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Re: booting rp7410


You have got MP access...
login to MP..

MP login: Admin
MP password:

Welcome to the

rp7410 Management Processor

(c) Copyright 1995-2002 Hewlett-Packard Co., All Rights Reserved.

Version 4.20


CO: Consoles
VFP: Virtual Front Panel (partition status)
CM: Command Menu
CL: Console Logs
SL: Show chassis Logs
HE: Help
X: Exit Connection


Check for error / failures on CL & SL

i would sggest open a case with HP

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Re: booting rp7410

If you are able to boot now ,do check the
output for setboot -v to make sure that the
boot paths are set.

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Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

Re: booting rp7410

Hi all and many thank for replying me.

first i´m going to answer the Manix fist post.
=> Manix i took you sugestiong and from the last step choose the partition 0 (zero) i can't type anything it just gives me a CTRL-B options top go back, nothing else.

Nijokj ==> Hi Nikokj, the cells are joined but there is an error:

PARTITION STATUS: E indications erros since las boot

Partiton 0 state Activity
----------------- --------
At boot console handlet (BCH) Partition Firmware 99 logs

# Cell state Activity
------------ --------
1 Cell has joined partition

so acording with what you said i can't go to reset partition.

==>Torsten here is the output of the ps from MP

MP:CM> ps --> t (cabinet) the outpui is:

HP status for the rp7410 cabinte: FAILURE DETECTED

Power switch: is OFF
Right door: is closed
Top door: is open
Left Door: is closed

Total Power available 7200 VA
Total Power needed 1494 VA
Power Redundancy: Redundant
Power Visibility: visible

Power status
|Sys |Cells|Chassis|BPS
|Bkpln|0 1|0 1|0 1|
Populated | * | *|* *|* *|
Enable | | | | |
Power OK | | | | |
Warning/Fault| | | *| |
Attention LED| | | | |

AC Line Status:
Line A0 Present
Line A1 Present
Line B0 Present
Line B1 Present

Front Fan Speed : low
Rear Fan Speed : off
I/O Buy Fan speed : off
Temperature status : normal
Overtemp Shutdown : Enable

from a partition status i get this output

==> Hakki Aydin,

- I disconected the power for a while and bring it back but it goes again to MP Login
- I'm afraind to power reset as Nijokj because i found some erros there.
- I checked the erros logs and found out that the server started complain about fun on February, 7th. Here are the output:

IOFAN_FAIL ----- @22:28 (keep complainig till 11/02/2011)
POWER_OFF ------
IOFAN_FAIL -------
CABPWR_OFF -------

note: Folks, the Overtemp Shutdown : Enable and the funs are not working how can a system boot normally? the funs are not the one giving problems? How can i disable this options to make it boot normaly with the funs that are working weel. From the back panel o found out thar the Line A0 is present but not working because if i conect it alone nothing happen on the server, no lights at all.

So please i still need help on this.

Honored Contributor

Re: booting rp7410

A couple of things for you here....

From the PS -> T output, there seems to be a a fault logged on IO Chassis 1 (though the output here does not look very good, I may be mistaken).

Run PS -> P and select the IO chassis to view the status.

Also, the PS -> T status is reporting that your system is switched off:

>Power switch: is OFF

Just know that if the system is powered off, the PS outputs will not give us all of the details.

I agree that a single IO Fan failure should not prevent the system from powering on. However, the messages indicate the power switch is going to the off position:

>CABPWR_OFF -------

You may have a faulty front panel switch (unless someone is actually pushing the switch).

> From the back panel o found out thar the >Line A0 is present but not working because >if i conect it alone nothing happen on the >server, no lights at all.

Regarding the above: the system requires two AC lines present to power on.

If you like, copy the full output of the event logs:
MP> SL --> E --> D

Copy to a file and attach it on your next post.

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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: booting rp7410


the server is starting and then shutting down again, due to the errors.

look in the logs for further info and post here if you can

Also I would close the top cover! or at least trip the switch, tape it up or something, if you want to see in the top.

how are you powering the server on? just with the power button or through the MP?