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can A180c be a graphics console?

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Tony Williams
Regular Advisor

can A180c be a graphics console?

In reading the support notes for an A500 it looks like you can put a A6150A PCI 2D graphics card in it. We have an A180c. Does anyone know if the A180c is supported as a graphics console? We put the card in it and it came up with a FLT code on the ascii console and no output on the graphics display. Without the card it boots OK. If you can use it as a workstation how do you put a keyboard and mouse on it? any help would be appreciated.
Honored Contributor

Re: can A180c be a graphics console?

A6150A card is NOT supported in A180C. It is supported in A400 and A500 and L-class servers. This card doesn't provide graphics system console support in the supported systems.

Refer this document for detailed info.

In A180C , you can only have ASCII console and Secure Web console.

There is a RMC detection mechanism in system firmware which might be a reason for the FLT you observed for un-supported option used.
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: can A180c be a graphics console?

add on to Sameer's answer,

Officialy the A6150A is not even supported for the A400/A500, but I also seen some post that it should work.

Official support
rp5470 rp5430
rp4410 rp4440
rp3410 rp3440


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