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cannot write on console

Occasional Contributor

cannot write on console

We are facing some problem in Bokaro Steel Plant hp server. As you know that there are two nos of hprp5470 server in cluster named edp1 & edp2 with Oracle9i with RAC.

Both server is working fine & having no operational problem reported till now & user is working satisfactory.

Problem : There is problem in console of one server .
We are unable to get login prompt , unable to write anything on console but at the same time we are able to access GSP command , even we can restart server through GSP Command . But when we are giving CO from GSP prompt for getting login , we are not getting login. But when we are checking console process by “ps –ef|grep console” we are getting output like given below ….

root 1959 1 0 18:34:31 console 0:00 /usr/sbin/getty console console

When we kill the PID 1959 then login comes on screen but when we are writing anything on console , nothing is writing on console.

In other word , we can say that we are able to perform all activities from gsp prompt by using same port (console port connected with server console port) but getting one way communication from console while using as console . Terminal connected with console port is VM2320 & terminal with cable is ok & same terminal & cable tested with HP server console & working fine .

Pl. note that we are using GUI terminal also which is also working as console port through GUI port & its working fine.

Problem Reported to us today : Actually due to some power problem , VM2320 terminal get off & when power restored back , we checked both terminal console , we found that edp1 console is not working & edp2 console is working .

For your ready referance , I am attaching some part of gsp log in word format. Pl. inform us if you require any more log file.

Pl. help us to solve this problem.
Andrew Rutter
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Re: cannot write on console


have you tried to get the write access back with the control Ecf key stroke

type co from gsp as you know then press the enter key

control E followed by cf

followed by the enter key again


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Re: cannot write on console

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