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cant login at all

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cant login at all

I'm trying to log into our rp5400 running hp-ux 11i. Yesterday I turned on auditing via sam. It was setup to goto a file, /.secure/etc/audfile1, (I did not notice the checkbox for write to screen)

Today when I try to ssh or telnet to the box, I get disconnected right after entering a password. So I went to login at the console. There is a message about 0% space left on the filesystem and to specify a new audit file.

The message keeps spamming, preventing me from being able to login at the console. The three line message repeats itself about 4 times in the time it takes me to type the password.

I wanted to see if there is a way to stop the messages while I try to login at the console.

thanks for any suggestions
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Re: cant login at all

Wh=ith a full / file system, you do not have a lot of options.

1. try ftp'ing a zero byte /.secure/etc/audfile1 to the system. If this works you should then log on and reconfigure your auditing

2. Reboot the system into single user mode and zero out the file, and reconfigure auditing.
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Re: cant login at all

When you are logging in at the console, it shouldn't matter if the message appears during typing the password or commands, just continue to type the password as if the message didn't appear.

I'm sure you realize this, but you should never put a log file in the root filesystem (for this very reason). /var would be the typical place for variable files (like log files)

What are the chances...