HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Re: changing memory

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changing memory

server #1 L3000-6X(rp5405) 1 carrier 8 dimms 512 each
server #2 N4000-44 2 carriers 8 dimms 512 each

Question- can I remove dimms from server #1 and put them in server #2, then order new dimms for #1 4 A6115A 2GB Memory Kits for L3000
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Re: changing memory

I tested your configuration a few month ago.

Answer is Yes.

You can use this solution.
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Re: changing memory

Hi Janet, there have been several threads about this lately, especially mentioning the cost difference between the 2 different sets of memory. You are doing it the right way cost-wise and it does work both ways. I am currently running N memory in my L
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