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clock of superdome operating faster than normal

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stephen peng
Valued Contributor

clock of superdome operating faster than normal

dear all,
i've got a problem of a superdome's os clock, it is running faster than normal, estimate 3 or 4 seconds per minute faster, but it seems the gsp's clock is ok. can any one offer me some hints?
i have read the document that there is a part called UGUY in superdome that offers clock for the system, is that right? does the gsp clock source differ from the os' clock?
there is no error log in syslog.log and event.log, and no error light indicated any hardware problem.

thanks a lot for your reply, and your reply will earn you high points.
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: clock of superdome operating faster than normal

Hi Stephen,

Yes, I think you are spot on.
Utilities Components

Each HP Superdome server complex has two categories of utilities boards: the boards that comprise the Guardian Service Processor (GSP), and the clock, power monitoring, and cabinet-level utilities board (UGUY).

Each Superdome cabinet has a UGUY board.

I would advice you to log a hardware call at the HP Customer Response Center.

Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: clock of superdome operating faster than normal

The GSP/MP (depending on your SuperDome type), has the system clock, ie date & time.

The UGUY provides a "synchronisation" clock around the machines cells / backplane(s) / IO chassis etc to keep all of the various bus's in sync.

The MP/GSP can be replaced on the fly.
The UGUY would require a complete outage of the SuperDome complex.

I dont have any conclusions yet as to what may be causing the problem but will try to look into it.

Re: clock of superdome operating faster than normal

Each cell board has it own clock. My question is are all you Npars having the clock problem or it is individual partition. The clock is usually taken from the boot cell.