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configuration console port D-370

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configuration console port D-370

I have a problem on the serial port of the server. The console works fine on other servers, we try a onother console to, but all we get are non readable signs on the console.
We do a reset the console into factory default
but the same fault.

The server boot and is accessible over network.

Any idea to set/test the serial console port??
Regards peter

Peter Lachnitt
Honored Contributor

Re: configuration console port D-370

Just thoughts...
Since your console works elsewhere AND other consoles pluged gives same results, why not do a rmsf /dev/console and a insf -e just after ?

All the best
Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: configuration console port D-370


You talk about testing console elsewhere but are yoiu sure that tty settings at the othe place are same. Default tty settings for a terminal on console of D3XX is 8 Data Bit,1 Stop Bit & No Parity. Just set your terminal settings to these and try. As it usually use to be a terminal settings/Cable problem when junk is displayed on terminal. Also check the getty entry in console as after booting the system the terminal settings depend on this entry but before booting it takes default entry.

Just for verification just try to reboot server remotely if you can.

Serial ports can be tested through mstm/stm.

Impossible itself mentions "I m possible"
Gerhard Roets
Esteemed Contributor

Re: configuration console port D-370

Hi Peter

Try the different baud rates. I will take a while but there is not to many of them. I think your D-Classes console is at a different baud rate.

Call it a hunch


Re: configuration console port D-370

Hi ,

I tried all:
- Reboot
- Set diff. Parameters on the console
- insf -evd cn
- copy /dev/console Parameters with:
stty -g < /dev/console
stty d26:1805:1970:2b:0:3:1c:8:15:1~ /dev/console

But still the same.
Is it possible to reset the firmwaresettings
without a console? (from the OS)

Regards Peter
Peter Lachnitt
Honored Contributor

Re: configuration console port D-370

Hi Peter,
As I said I had a case where the console got corrupted by a cr.Xd script that launched a transactional engine and worked fine in interatcive mode, only the terminal emulation it needed was Tip...
I solved (tried allsorts...) by rmsf /dev/console, switch off the console and reboot while coming up switch on the console and let the system recreate the missing device...
Because when corrupted I noticed that at reboot it displayed correctly until the boot hpux...
Maybe will it work for you?

All the best
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: configuration console port D-370

The serial console port is set by the firmware before bootup starts. Are you getting garbage characters during the inital bootup messages? If so, try 19Kb and 38Kb as well as 9600 4800 and 2400 baud. Note that early HP terminals (HP has been making terminals since the mid-1970's) had a default baud rate of 2400, not 9600.

Once HP-UX is booted and running, the console settings can be seen (without a working console) with:

stty -a < /dev/console

That will give you the current baud rate on the port. In HP-UX (not the firmware or early selftests and bootup) the baud rate and other stty settings are kept n /etc/gettydefs. The console is kept alive (login capable) with /etc/inittab and the console entry.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: configuration console port D-370


thanks for all answers.

HP change the Mainboard because the serial-consol-port was falty.

Regardas Peter
Peter Lachnitt