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console commands references

Prashant Zanwar_4
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console commands references

any reference to console commands regularly used for RP Series, or old V, N -class servers.. Would appreciate the help ..
Thanks and regards
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Sheriff Andy
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Re: console commands references

Are you talking about in the GSP?
If so you can type he at the GSP> prompt. Then you can from the help menu type li for list.

The commands will differ depending on the firmware revision of your gsp.
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Re: console commands references

V-class is an odd-ball server with OBP-kind GSP (or whatever they call it).

the newer RP series have MP and the older machines have GSP

nPar capable servers interface will be little different than the other systems that are not cell based.

Common commands from the top of my head

ls = lan console status
lc = lan console config
rs = reset status
Console log view
Chassis log view
Enable/disable web/lan console
Power status of the components

but as Sheriff has mentioned above, whether is it MP or GSP, typing HE will list you all the commands.
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Re: console commands references

Hi Prasant,

Attached the PDF of MP-GSP User Guide.


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Re: console commands references

if you press crtl b to gsp to come up and type 'he' list commands available