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Re: console display problems

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console display problems


can anyone shed some light on this,

i have an RP5400 with a console attached to it, and i dont appear to be able to get the console to show anything on the screen, so i cant check what stage of the bootup sequence the server gets to, however when i perfrom a CTRL + B to get to the GSP menu everything works fine, with no problems.

i have already tried resetting the GSP, performing an RS from the GSP menu, performed a TOC, changed the GSP card, with another that i know is working fine, and also changed the monitor over, and tested this console on another RP5400 with perfect results

can anyone help, before i get a large spanner and start hitting the side of the server


(only joking about the large spanner)
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Re: console display problems

Try with Ctrl-Pipe to break bootup hung process. It might have stuck somewhere.
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Re: console display problems


if you can get to the gsp through the console, you should be able to return to normal console mode with the co command.

if this doesnt work try turning on the vfp(virtual front panel) in GSP.

if you had errors and acknowleded it and went into the gsp you may have stopped this.

so log in to GSP and then type vfp and it will ask if you want to turn it on. select yes and try from there, with co again

and make sure remote mode box has * in it (f4)

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Re: console display problems

Try the command "VFP" from the GSP menu, and answer Y to activate the "real-time VFP". Whether the server is starting up or running, it should display four-digit hex numbers once in a while. If it does not... well, the system could be dead or just unable to communicate with the GSP card. (Maybe a problem in the I/O backplane? Ouch.)

If the real-time VFP hex codes run for a while and then stop, the last few codes might offer some clues.

What do the server's front panel LEDs say?
After powering on/resetting the server, wait about 5 minutes.

Is the "Run" light still blinking? That would mean the server did not get to the point of loading and starting the HP-UX kernel.

If the "Power" light is blinking, the server has turned itself off, probably because of a power-supply-related problem.

Read the GSP error log (command SL, then E). Anything interesting in there?
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Re: console display problems

problem has now been resolved, by using the VFP, this seems to of unfrozen whatever was happening, and i have my console display back


GUI's are for wimps!