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console of rp2430

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console of rp2430

In rp2430 server , I m trying to connect a console in the following manner.
I hv taken 2 nos of 9 pin female connector and made the following connections.
2 to 3
3 to 2
5 to 5
I connected this cable to the console connector of W cable of the server and the other end of the cable to serial port of a PC havin XP sp1.
I started Hyperterminal with setting 9600-N-8-1 and VT100.
When I started the server I got junk display in the hyperterminal screen and the 21' monitor which is connected to the graphics card in server gave login screen after 6 minutes.
Then I tried this connection also
2 to 2
3 to 3
5 to 5
I didnt get junk display also.

Actually we dont have root passwd , to break that we r trying this. I just need some help how I can proceed in this.

Step 2:

I made a cross cable cat5 and connected to ln lan console port on the back of the server and configured the pc ip,, I means same class of the ip, mask of console port and try to connect it using telnet. It also failed.

If anybody hav idea abt it, pls.........

bhavin asokan
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Re: console of rp2430

bhavin asokan
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Re: console of rp2430


for accessing lan console,you have to go to gsp and configure the ip address.the ipaddres of server is different form lan console ip.

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Re: console of rp2430

To configure lan console ip address :

ctrl b to access gsp
login : return
passwd : return
then configure an ip, mask and gateway (put address you have set for IP as gatewey, the server is its own gateway...)

And now you can access the server through lan console by telnet...

Stf ;-)
Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: console of rp2430

1. Connect via console
This console is RS232 pinout config
let refer:
both DB9 connector are female
to made correct cable
2. Connect via GSP.
you must set IP for GSP (if you know GSP IP, passwd: no need to set it more)but you laptop IP must be the sam subnet.
HP is simple
Ted Buis
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Re: console of rp2430

If you saw anything on the hyperterminal, then your pin out are okay, but your data rate, parity, # stop bits, # data bits isn't consistent with the port setting. It is possible that someone changed it from the default. My guess would be most likely the speed. It is also possible that the lan console ip has been changed.
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