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console problem

Fadia Almarei
Super Advisor

console problem

Dear All
i have a problem on my Hp 9000 R class server , that when I connect it to it is console using serial cable it does not display any thing , and also i use the web console i have the same problem on the server. what shull i do for that ,note that it was working using the console and the server also.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: console problem

You can reset your console configuration by powering it off and then powering it on with ctrl-d.

The old consoles occaisionally locked up and have to be reset. You may need to reconfigure it when it comes up.

The part that confused me is the web console, I've never had one of those lock up.

I'd also check cables and power and connectors. If you can still connect to the server via x check the com port with mstm cstm or xstm.

Steven E Protter
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Fadia Almarei
Super Advisor

Re: console problem

i tried to do that but also it does not work
the console connected with the server through a serial port , how to check from the server that there is no problem
Tamer Shaalan
Regular Advisor

Re: console problem


Is it hp console? check console settings. try to telnet to machine and find processes related to console. it may be a process caused the to stuck

# ps -ef | grep console

check pin assignment of the cable ( sometimes, pins are broken due to improper plugging of cable)

hope that help

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Honored Contributor

Re: console problem

Can you access the server through the network, using ssh/rsh/telnet/whatever?

If you can do that, check what processes are running on the console. "ps -ft console" ought to be a good command for that.

If there's nobody logged on at the console, there should be a "getty" process (usually /usr/sbin/getty) and nothing else.

If there are other processes, or just one process that isn't "getty", the last user of the console may not have logged out cleanly. Try to stop that process (if it looks harmless to stop). When the offending process is stopped, init should automatically restart a "getty" process for the console, which should automatically reset the console to sane settings.

If there are no processes at all on the console, check the syslog. If init gets to restart a getty process more than 10 times in 2 minutes (for example, because someone has connected a terminal which has the Enter key stuck down), init will temporarily disable the associated getty process and log a message about it.

If syslog tells you nothing, check the /etc/inittab file. The default line for console should be: (taken from HP-UX 11.00)
cons:123456:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty console console # system console

If someone has changed this line or added anything to /etc/inittab, check the whole file *very* carefully. Mistakes in this file can make the server unbootable.