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core i/o


core i/o

hi all,

I just want to know why core i/o card is mandantory in all the hp risk based server.

Sivakumar TS
Honored Contributor

Re: core i/o

Dear Karan,

The Core I/O card for PA-RISC servers is an HP-designed multi-function PCI card containing a 10/100Base-T LAN and three RS-232 serial ports. One of the three serial ports is required by every partition in order to communicate using console functions, in conjunction with the Guardian Service Processor (GSP).

Like the I/O subsystem, the Core I/O card is a mandatory component for bringing up a partition.

With Regards,

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Ajitkumar Rane
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Re: core i/o

Core I/O card comes as a base configuration. This card hosts the very basic connections to the system like the serial ports for console, LAN port/s for network connectivity, the extended SCSI port, nowdays the managment lan port is also on this core I/O. Very simply speaking when you buy a PC if it comes w/o a display card or serial/parallel port simply the main board will be of no use.

Hope I made your the point clear.


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rick jones
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Re: core i/o

I suspect it may relate to the system being otherwise unusable if it has no I/O :)

Perhaps you mean why might _specific_ I/O cards be required for "core I/O?" Typically that centers around what the system's firmware knows how to drive so it can boot.

While there may be certain restrictions on core I/O on the newer rp's and the rx's, on the systems where the "core I/O" is not built into the motherboard there can be some flexibility as to what the "core I/O" is because it goes into otherwise ordinary (but still designated) I/O slots
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