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Re: cpuconfig rp7405


cpuconfig rp7405

Dear friend:
I have rp7405 with four processor,
3 proccesor configure and one proccesor not configure , every time I try to config the proccesor (( cpuconfig 0 0 on )) system hang and error log give me :

45 PDC 0,0,0 *10 0x580008a236000010 0x000068070e0b1905 PDH_CCO_FIFO_FULL

please any one cane help me
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Re: cpuconfig rp7405


the Chassis Code simply means that too many Chassis Codes came in at the same time or that the Cellboard has a problem communicating with other devices on the I2C management bus.

You wrote that one CPU was deconfigured. The question is: why ?

Are there any other Chassis Logs in the activity log ? Please check also in /var/tombstone or in BCH service menue if there have happened an HPMC (high priority machine check).
I think it would be a good idea to call the HP support at this time to analyze why the CPU is deconfigured and why reactivating does not work.

Best regards

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Re: cpuconfig rp7405


I will advise you to run STM info as well as exerciser to see if you get any clues.
If the Hardware-Vendor is avialable.
Ask him to open the server & try replacing the other (configured) CPU to this place & see what's the status.
Also pls ask him to check the PSM (Processor support modules) status.


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Re: cpuconfig rp7405

thannks for every one