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Re: cu -l/dev/cul2a2 plt3

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cu -l/dev/cul2a2 plt3



All of sudden our dialing string is no longer working:


cu -l/dev/cul2a2 plt3


I am receiving the error:


Autodialing - Please wait

Connect failed:  line problem


I checked the device /dev/cul2a2 with 'lssf' and get:


pci_mux0 card instance 2 port a2 callout at address ??? /dev/cul2a2


It seems the system is no longer recognize the mux card.


Executing ioscan with

# ioscan -funC tty
Class     I  H/W Path  Driver S/W State   H/W Type     Description
tty       1  0/0/4/0   func0 CLAIMED     INTERFACE    PCI BaseSystem (103c128d)
tty       0  0/0/4/1   asio0 CLAIMED     INTERFACE    PCI Serial (103c1048)
                      /dev/GSPdiag2   /dev/mux0
                      /dev/diag/mux0  /dev/tty0p1


Can someone point me to the direction?








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Re: cu -l/dev/cul2a2 plt3

Is the "ioscan -fnC tty" output any different from the "ioscan -funC tty" you already posted?


Is there anything in the /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log file or in the "dmesg" command ouput that might be relevant to the mux card?


What is your hardware model and OS version? (please post the output of "model; uname -a")


Has the system been changed in any way recently? (any patches installed, kernel configuration changed, etc?)

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Re: cu -l/dev/cul2a2 plt3



Our os is: B.11.11

model:  Rp2430 (9000/800/A400)


1) Syslog shows

Asio0_init:  unexpected SAS subsystem ID (1283)


2) dmesg:

asio0_init: unexpected SAS subsystem ID (1283)


scsi tape:  dev = 0xcd020000 I/O error during close.


3) I also get a generated mail (elm) about:

a. Tape at hardware path 0/0/2/0.0.0 : hardware failure

b. Disk at hardware path 0/0/1/1.15.0  : a smart event has ocurred

  The drive has predicted that it will fail in the near future. Contact your HP support rep as soon as possible.


3) ioscan -fnc tty and ioscan -funC tty produced same result.


I'm thinking that either my boot (root) hard drive may have gone bad or a mux card.