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disable or modify rp7410 power button?

Peter A. Berger Jr.
Regular Advisor

disable or modify rp7410 power button?

Is there a way to disable or modify the front power button on an rp7410? perhaps making the power button so that it needs to be held in for 5-10 seconds to actually power off the unit?

the reason I ask is that there was an incident today where 2 RP7410's were powered off by accident by simply taking off the front cover, reading the serial number and replacing the covers. Even though the power buttons have a plastic shield around them, the front covers pushed the plastic shield into the power button, turning off the server.

I was thinking that if I can modify the power button to be disabled, or vary the time it takes to power off, it would prevent future emergency outages...this way the Admin would need to power off using the MP and or holding the power button for "x" seconds before it would do anything.

any help/411 would be great. thanks...