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dm_core_hw event #15 power supply failure

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dm_core_hw event #15 power supply failure

Can anyone tell me how critical this error really is? It is being reported on a Hewlett Packard 9000 Series 800 L1000-44 server. It is reporting the failure to be 1 failed power supply in the cabinet. It is also saying that 'Currently there are sufficient power supplies operating to power the unit', however I don't know how many there are on this server and am not on the site where the server is located. The server is due to be superceded shortly so I am wondering if this is huge issue or not?
Patrick Wallek
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Re: dm_core_hw event #15 power supply failure

I would treat it as critical.

Most L1000's have 3 power supplies and can run off of 2. If something were to happen to one of the other 2, then you would be in trouble as the machine would more than likely go down.

I don't know what your definition of "shortly" is, but I would get the bad PSU replaced ASAP. If you have this machine on maintenance with HP, then CALL THEM. That's what you are paying for.
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Re: dm_core_hw event #15 power supply failure

For L class you can see at the front of server. please check the led from each server. If you have L1000, need 1 power supply for operation. but for redundant, you need 2 power supply. please check power connection too.

Andrew Merritt_2
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Re: dm_core_hw event #15 power supply failure

Hi, (Do I call you 'Managed' for short? :-) )

What version of the OnlineDiags are you running on this system?

Events 15 and 16 have been obsolete since the December 2000 release of OnlineDiags. The events that cover cabinet power supply failures are 47-50. You should look at getting your OnlineDiags up-to-date.

I believe that event 15 was logged if there were 3 power supplies present, and one failed. You should definitely look into this, but I think the system will still run with 2 psus. Not sure what happens when a second one fails, though.

Andrew Rutter
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Re: dm_core_hw event #15 power supply failure


To check the status of the power supplies login to the gsp

[Control b]

Then issue the ps command, this will list the status of the psu's and fans. If one has failed it will list it here.