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dm_memory hogging CPU

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Garry Ferguson
Frequent Advisor

dm_memory hogging CPU

re: an L2000 running HPUX 11.00. It's dm_memory process has just started hogging CPU.
I used monconfig to stop monitoring. Because of its problem dm_memory would not stop so I had to kill it! ( About a minute later I found that dm_memory had restarted itself somehow! )
I then used monconfig to restart ALL the monitors again. dm_memory was still running after that so I then did "(C)heck detailed monitoring status" from monconfig and it claimed:
">/system/events/memory ... NOT MONITORING."
" (Possibly there is no hardware to monitor.)"

dm_memory is still hogging CPU. ( 90 odd % )
In /etc/opt/resmon/log 3 files are being written to. They are api.log, client.log and registrar.log. api.log is being over-written every few seconds!!! e.g.'s of the logs are attached.

I have also run stm and tested most things ( including memory! ) and it doesn't show any problems.

I have also download and run HP's SHC (System Health Check). This showed no memory related problems.

Any thought would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, Garry
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Re: dm_memory hogging CPU

As you probabyl know, 11.00 is unsupported since end of 2006.

Anyway, make sure you have the latest diagnostics version installed:


HP-UX 11.00 (March 04 release)
ID: B.11.00.27.xx, STM version: A.44.00

Hope this helps!

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Garry Ferguson
Frequent Advisor

Re: dm_memory hogging CPU

Thanks v much Torsten,
I updated the OnlineDiag tools and its seems ok now.
Garry Ferguson
Frequent Advisor

Re: dm_memory hogging CPU

problem solved