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Re: error msg on new hp 4400

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error msg on new hp 4400

I have included a small sample on the error msg below:
203 Fatal System Firmware 0 BOOT_NO_BOOT_SELECTION 03 Nov 2005 20:09:49 BOOT_NO_BOOT_SELECTION
202 Warning System Firmware 0 BOOT_INIT_PRI_PATH_FAILED 03 Nov 2005 20:09:49 BOOT_INIT_PRI_PATH_FAILED
201 Informational Baseboard Management Controller; Type-02 127002 1208322 03 Nov 2005 20:08:25 Soft Reset
200 Informational System Firmware 1 MC_BR_TO_OS_TOC 03 Nov 2005 20:08:03 MC_BR_TO_OS_TOC
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Re: error msg on new hp 4400

Something is wrong with your boot path on the drives.
Try this:
From BCH type SEA to do a SEArch for bootable devices.

Then type PA for PAths of your boot devices.

Compare the outputs. The setting for your primary boot path (PA PRI) should have shown up in the SEArch command.

The PAth and SEArch commands will return a dialog like this:

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > pa

Primary boot path: intscsia.1
0/01/01/0.1 (hex)

Alternate boot path: intscsib.0
0/01/01/01.0 (hex)

Console path: 0/0/1/1.0
0/0/01/01.0 (hex)

Keyboard path: 0/0/4/0.0
0/0/04/0.0 (hex)

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > sea

Searching for potential boot device(s)
This may take several minutes.

To discontinue search, press any key (termination may not be immediate).

Path# Device Path (dec) Device Path (mnem) Device Type Rev
----- ----------------- ------------------ ----------- ----
P0 0/0/3/0.0 media.0 Random access media 1
P1 0/1/1/0.1 intscsia.1 Random access media 3
P2 0/1/1/1.0 intscsib.0 Random access media 3
P3 0/2/1/0/4/0.8 Random access media 13
P4 0/4/2/0/4/0.8 Random access media 13
P5 0/5/2/0/4/0.8 Random access media 13
P6 0/6/1/0/4/0.8 Random access media 13

Let us know what you find!

Good Luck - Tim
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Re: error msg on new hp 4400

Hi Paul,

On the PDC try: sea ipl , to search for a bootable disk, then boot from the path found.

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Re: error msg on new hp 4400


There seems to be hardware failure[ boot disk] . Reboot the system and enter in PDC prompt, give sea command to scan and list all available boot devices.
Check the pri and alt boot set in stable storage wether the disk set is detected in the scan run through sea command.
If you find this is missing better to consult HP CE
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