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event 1280

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event 1280

we have an rp8400 server containing 3 cells.

i have found an ems event on the syslog (event 1280)

could you tell me what to do ?

Event 1280
Severity: SERIOUS
Event Summary: The attempt to initialize the CC to SBA link has failed.
Event Class: System
Problem Description:

Chassis Code Keyword IODISC_CC_RI_ERR.

The attempt to initialize the coherency controller (CC) to system bus adapter (SBA) link has failed. This chassis code reports the return code for the function CcRiInitialize. It is from within this function that most of the IODISC_CC_RI_* codes are emitted, so there might be interesting codes preceding this one.
The data field could contain:
(0x30000) Error reading some CC CSRs
(0x10000) Error writing some CC CSRs
(0x50000) SBA not powered, or in reset
(0x700xx) Link was hung. CC RIN_STATE in lower nibbles
Contents of ROUT_ERR_PRI_MODE register (lower 32-bits)
Contents of RIN_ERR_PRI_MODE register (lower 32-bits) + bit-32 set
Probable Cause / Recommended Action:
Error reading/writing some CC CSRs SBA not powered or reset SBA link was hung
Check data field for cause of error Check SBA cable and connecters Contact HP Support personnel to troubleshoot the problem

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Re: event 1280

Looks like you may have a hardware HP right away and report the error you are getting.
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Re: event 1280

Hi again, I also found the following...I don't think it tells you much more than what you already have but you can check it out.
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Re: event 1280

As indicated in the event description, I would suspect the problem with one of the SBAs on the PCI IO backplanes. The backplane is either powered off or SBA itself is gone faulty.

If there other EMS events or MP ->SL -> E,
the cell could be known and then corresponding SBA/PCI IO backplane. It must be one of the cells 0 or 1 for which the event is generated for its CC.

Check the power supplies if they are working. If they are then you might need to change the PCI IO backplane.

Better you log a call to HP and get to know the cause and get the h/w fixed.