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filesystem larger than the device

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Jan Slezak
Occasional Advisor

filesystem larger than the device

Hi all,
I have a problem mounting filesystem. When checking it by fsck, got the following message:
root@czhs0079: fsck -F vxfs -o full -n /dev/vx/dsk/dg01/vol2
file system is larger than device
vxfs fsck: cannot initialize aggregate

from the VxVM point of view the volume seems to be ok:
root@czhs0079: vxprint -g dg01 -htq vol2
v vol2 - ENABLED ACTIVE 614400 SELECT - fsgen
pl vol2-01 vol2 ENABLED ACTIVE 614400 CONCAT - RW
sd dg01disk01-02 vol2-01 dg01disk01 614400 614400 0 c4t0d1 ENA

the disk itself seems to have no problems (no I/O errors in syslog, ioscan shows it CLAIMED). Does it necessarily mean, that the filesystem is corrupted? What can I check more?
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: filesystem larger than the device

Hi Jan,

Exact Error Message
file system is larger than device

Check the size of the file system, using fstyp -v, calculating the number of 512 byte sectors determined by the size (in file system blocks) and bsize (bytes / file system block). Compare this to the size of the device (vxprint -ht for volume, or prtvtoc/format for disk).

The device should be smaller than the file system. The solution is to grow the device (partition or volume) and then the device, and then mount.

This should only have been caused if someone changed the device size so that the file system is bigger than the device. This error message would not have been apparent previous to VERITAS File System 3.2.5. In 3.2.5 and above, the now checks to ensure that the device is at least as large as the file system.

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Hope this helps,
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: filesystem larger than the device

If the root user ran the lvreduce command on the logical volume, you will get this message. lvreduce knows nothing about filesystems so it just reduces the lvol (the filesystem's disk). If this has happened, you can use lvextend to put the lvol size back to the original size.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Jan Slezak
Occasional Advisor

Re: filesystem larger than the device

Thank you guys for your replies, according to the fstyp the filesystem was 1G in size, volume has only 600M. I'll try to recover the data. Apparently, the volume could not have been resized by vxresize, this one takes care even for the filesystem, right? As far as I know, the vxassist shrinkby/shrinkto doesn't care about the filesystem..