HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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from L3000 to L15000?

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marco zagazeta
Occasional Contributor

from L3000 to L15000?

i was working on a L3000 (It showed as an L 3000) I boot it up to the network and it was working fine till it locked up, after that, now its showing as an L1500. Does anybody know what went wrong?
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: from L3000 to L15000?

Hi Marco,

Run stm (xstm or cstm) and check if all processors are online, I suspect you lost one or two.

Check the gsp logs for errors.

Hope this helps,
Honored Contributor

Re: from L3000 to L15000?

Even if the server has lost processors, it should still show as L3000.

The difference between L1500 and L3000 is just a "lock code" which unlocks about half of the capabilities of the system board. The code is system-specific and probably heavily encrypted.

It seems your server has corrupted its lock code for some reason. This should not happen very easily: the system board might be damaged. Could there have been a power spike or something like that when the server locked up?

Whatever the cause is, you're going to need a HP engineer. If you have a service agreement, that should not be a problem; but if you haven't, prepare to prove that the server is actually supposed to be a L3000, not L1500.