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garbage output on GSP rp2470

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Paddy O'Connell
Frequent Advisor

garbage output on GSP rp2470


I'm trying to install HPUX to an old rp2470 from our ignite server and i'm using the GSP on the target server.
I run through the booting from lan and selecting the OS.
The problem comes when the the ignite installation window pops up. The part where you select Install.
I get the below message on the screen.

The console firmware terminal type is currently set to "hp". If you
are using any other type of terminal you will see "garbage" on the
screen following this message.
If this is the case, you will need to either change the terminal type
set in the firmware via GSP (if your GSP firmware version supports
this feature), or change your terminal emulation to match the
firmware. In either case you will need to restart if your terminal and
the firmware terminal type do not match.
Press the 'b' key if you want to reboot now.

How can i get the correct display so i can see this correctly via the MP.
I use WRQ Reflections to telnet to the MP. Our standard term is vt100 and i've tried changing it to hp as above and export it and then telnet'ing to the MP.
I'm pretty novice at this whole connection settings so any advice would be great

Honored Contributor

Re: garbage output on GSP rp2470

Try using the windows hyperterminal

I have the sae issue with my copy of reflections, and could not get it to work properly with ignite.

When I tried using the hyperteminal program, I was able to successfully get through the ignite install

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Re: garbage output on GSP rp2470

Set these parameters for local console through GSP -> CA
Local Console Serial Port bit rate: 9600 bits/s
Local Console Serial Port Flow Control: Software
Local Console Serial Port Terminal Type: vt100

Set terminal emulation as vt100 in Reflection. You should able to get proper display.
Paddy O'Connell
Frequent Advisor

Re: garbage output on GSP rp2470

Thanks Dave for the idea but it didn't work.

Sameer your suggestion worked perfectly that was exactly it. Now i don't have to drive to site, you've saved me a trip

Thanks very much both of you
Paddy O'Connell
Frequent Advisor

Re: garbage output on GSP rp2470