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garbled output from serial console in a rp3440

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garbled output from serial console in a rp3440


I'm using the console serial port of two rp3440.
The command CA shows the config is 9600 baud and the Flow control is "Software".

My laptop is attached to rp3440 servers by means of three serial cables: one USB-to-serialDB9, a null modem (DB9/female-DB9/female) and the HP black console cable (3-head hydra).

The problem is, in some cases, the output is not reliable because some lines have been cut or joined.

I'm using Reflection for HP but these behaviour is found in SecureCRT too.

When I attach my laptop using a crossed LAN cable, the output is fine.

Did you hear some similar case?

Thanx in advance
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Re: garbled output from serial console in a rp3440

Sounds like something caused by a bad cable or wrong terminal settings.

Reflection for HP can certainly emulate a HP terminal, but SecureCRT emulates a vt100 terminal.

First check that your TERM environment variable on HP-UX agrees with the terminal emulation you've chosen on your laptop.

If you change the size of the terminal window while running a program (i.e. the terminal window is not at the command prompt, waiting for the next command) the current program may not forward the information about changed display size to the command prompt, which may cause errors in line wrapping later. That can be fixed by running the command "eval $(resize)".

Sometimes just "resize" is enough, but running it inside the "eval" command ensures that the COLUMNS and LINES environment variables get updated properly.

If that does not help, try another cable.
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Re: garbled output from serial console in a rp3440