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Re: hardware compability

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hardware compability


I am trying to upgrade a B1000 machine running HP-UX 10.20 to HP-UX 11.00. This is a very important machine so I would like to clone the machine to another D class by using Ignite-UX. The purpose of doing this is to keep the services still running until I complete the B1000 OS upgarde. Not sure whether the D class is compatible with the B1000 machine.
Patrick Wallek
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Re: hardware compability

I wouldn't count on the tape from the B working in the D. It **MIGHT** but then again it might not. The general rule of thumb is to stay within the same machine class.
Andrew Rutter
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Re: hardware compability


Very much doubt this will work as the B1000 is a 700's series workstation and D class is a 800 series server.
The 10.2 install was very different and has a completly diiferent kernel.
The install media was also different and app software all has different product numbers. So if you had any other hpux lic apps they may not run.

Not only that but the hardware is also completely different down to the architecture of the systems. PA level,memory type and speed and scsi levels/versions to name but a few.

If I were you I would look at purchasing another B1000 on the second user market for the time being, and then you would also have spares for your box in future if you ever run into trouble. You can pick these up very cheaply nowadays.

Cheryl Griffin
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Re: hardware compability

It wont work.

In order for the clone to be successful, the source machine has to have the right patch level, drivers, kernel, etc. to satisfy the target.

A Bclass workstation and a Dclass server are too different.
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Ivajlo Yanakiev
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Re: hardware compability

Do not take all system.
Use D class clean HPUX install and move only application from B1000 it will be work.

Yes hardware is different but hpux use hardware layer. do not worry :))

If your app do not make hardware call it will work :)