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hardware failure ?


hardware failure ?

Hallo all,
my L-class server sent me a mail:

Event Id : 0x00433047b900000000 Monitor : dm_ses_enclosure
Event # : 401 Event Class : I/O
Severity : CRITICAL

Enclosure at hardware path 0/7/0/0.14.0 : Hardware failure
The enclosure services controller has failed. Replace the controller card in slot B.

ioscan -fnC ctl shows:
ctl 10 0/7/0/0.14.0 sctl CLAIMED DEVICE
HP A5272A /dev/rscsi/c5t14d0

I think, CLAIMED means ok?

Questions: what is this controller card for; how can I check, if there is a real problem?

Thank you,
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: hardware failure ?

This message is concerning your SC10 storage enclosure. The message means that the LCC in slot B in the LC10 has failed.

If you are just using a single path to the LC10, meaning your SCSI cable is just going to the SCSI port on the LCC in slot A, then the replacement is no big deal.

You should call HP an get the LCC in slot B replaced ASAP though.
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: hardware failure ?

Hi Michael

1. Check /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log file as well on the failure reported.

2. If ioscan on reported path shows CLAIMED means that proper driver for controller/ device is loaded in the system. It does not indicate device failure statistics.

3. Card in question is controller card in external SC10 storage.

4. Check LEDs on storage as well.

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: hardware failure ?

Hi Michael,

start mstm, mark the device at 0/7/0/0.14.0 and run the info tool. Repeat this with the other controller. Check, if the controllers can see each other. The controller may be CLAIMED *and* failed.

Hope this helps!

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Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: hardware failure ?

'Enclosure services' to me mean controlling fan speed, temperatures and disk status.
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Re: hardware failure ?

Problem solved now.
There was NO hardware error.
The messages started after the replacement of a failed disk. The controller card got trouble and showed me an alarm.
I only had to install a new Firmware-Revision and a new version of the OnlineDiagnostics - and everything is ok now!