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help to look at ts99 after HPMC

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Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

help to look at ts99 after HPMC

I had a system HPMC, but the box isn't under an HP support contract anymore. I'm hoping someone with a bit of experience could help me out with the ts99 file.

I've run crashinfo and all it stated was the crash was a "bus check" and the ts99 should be looked at.

Here's the ts99 and crashinfo output from my L2000. Any help is appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: help to look at ts99 after HPMC

Hi Denver,

Apart from Bus check there is also "RI error 0x13 : ELROY to IKE rope command parity error "

There was a problem when the ELROY (located on the PCI backplane) tried to send a command to the IKE (located on the SYSTEM BOARD). Although the PCI backplane would be the easiest part to replace, found out that the SYSTEM BOARD was more likely to be the real cause in such HPMCs.

Culprit is the system board (A5191-69116) have it replaced.

Best Regards,

Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: help to look at ts99 after HPMC

I've replaced the system board. Thanks!