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how can I go into the "CM" ?

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how can I go into the "CM" ?

My server is rp7410 whit hp-ux 11.23,
how can I go into the "CM" ? I telnet the server ,can I go into the "CM" pressing the "CTRL+B"?
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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?

yes, as long as you are using the LAN connection to the management LAN port.
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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?


If you telnet to the console you will be at a MP login prompt,you can do a CM to do that menu to come back to the MP you have to do a control+b.(this is mentioned when you login on the console)


Andrew Rutter
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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?

hi xxl,

if you telnet into the server i presume you mean into the MP port. You login here with the control b option.
then if you want to return to the CM prompt at pdc type co
This take you to the console port

Bill Hassell
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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?

Ctrl-B onloy works on the console, not for any normasl telnet to the system. Your console might be a terminal, a special terminal server such as the web console, or you may have hooked up the LAN console on a special LAN. So as long as you are connected to the console, Ctrl-B will get you into the Guardian Service Processor (GSP) and you'll see the CM prompt.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?


Attached the connection Log file to a MP.
Will help you on how to go to a CM menu.

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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?

You can get to "CM" one of two ways.

The first is via the serial port. You either hook up a console to it or a laptop connected via a null modom cable (you can then use hyperterminal. Once connected you can use the control-B sequence.

The othher is to use the lan connection for the management console. This has a catch to it - you need to connect in via the serial interface to initially configure the LAN port. Once you configure the port and get it on the network, you can telnet into the system on that connection (IP) Once connected, controlB will work.

Control B will not work on any connection establshed on a lan interface card installed in the expansion area.
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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?

2 ways to access the CM, either by using the console by pressing "ctrl+b", or by telneting the MP "management port".


Sยภเl Kย๓คг
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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?


I hope you have logged in to the OS not to the MP, Login to the MP( Which is the console for the HP900 systems). If u have a attached the MP in to the lan and configured ,telnet to MP default user name password is "Admin". If u don't have configured and used MP till now, connect laptop or PC to the MP through a serial interface and use hyperterm of windows to access teh MP.
At MP prompt u press cntrl+B to get the MP mnu. at MP prompt type CM to go to CM prompt

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Re: how can I go into the "CM" ?

from telnet u need MP ipadress to login on GSP/MP better idea is go to console, press cntr+b to get MP Login: if ur getting it then ok.

after login u will get screen like this:

CO: Consoles

VFP: Virtual Front Panel

CM: Command Menu

CL: Console Logs

SL: Show Event Logs

FW: Firmware Update

HE: Help

X: Exit Connection

type CM for go to command menu.

you can use he for any help.

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