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how do I install patch phne_28799

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Steve Kunzman
Occasional Contributor

how do I install patch phne_28799

I downloaded it from the ITRC and ftp'd it over to the server. Now what?
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: how do I install patch phne_28799

What options did you use to download the patch?

Generally speaking, once the patch has been un-shared, you can easily install it. (Again depends on how it was downloaded)

As root use the 'swinstall' user interface program, select the full path to the patch and choose actions --> mark then
actions --> install

Be aware that many network related patches require a reboot. The process will tell you, or you can go back to the page where you downloaded it and look for the automatic reboot message.
Anyone for a Mutiny ?
YoungHwan, Ko
Valued Contributor

Re: how do I install patch phne_28799

The patch upload to your system using ftp.

Move your position to upload directory.

# cd /tmp

# tar xvf PHNE_28799.tar

# ./create_depot_hp-ux_11

# swinstall -s /tmp/depot

When screen display, select phne_28799 ->
Action -> Install