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how to reconfigure a gsp remotely??

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how to reconfigure a gsp remotely??


I have a problem, i have a deck server, with connection to several servers via gsp, there is one server that when i try to connect, it takes me to a diferent machine, so what i want know is if there is a way to know the mac adress or ip from the server, or if there is a way to reset the gsp from the server, and configure from 0,

Because i have no problem getting to the server via telnet, but i cant get hold of the console via the gsp.

What i cant do is go phisically to the place, because its in england, if i sent someone to where the server is, could he see from the hardware on the gsp whats its mac address??

thnx a lot!!!!
Windows?, no thanks
Steven E. Protter
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Re: how to reconfigure a gsp remotely??


You may have a remote session open to server b on server a's GSP card. It may be as simple as logging out with an exit command when you are redirected.

If not you should be able to ctrl-b in the console and reconfigure the GSP.

Be careful to know what machine you are connected to. A redirect is usually not a duplicate IP addy issue. In that case you would not be able to connect to either.

You may wish to try a GSP reset from the OS on both boxes.


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