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hp server rp 5470 blinking attention light

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hp server rp 5470 blinking attention light

Hey folks, quite new to hp servers and hp-ux and i have been assigned to maintain very old systems.


of which one of the server HP RP 5470 which  has the attention light blinking constantly..


Can you please assist me in finding out , the  manuals of the product or diagnose what is wrong it..



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Re: hp server rp 5470 blinking attention light

Have a look into the GSP logs:

GSP> sl


Select Chassis Code Buffer to be displayed:
Incoming, Activity, Error, Current boot or Last boot? (I/A/E/C/L) e


The LED will turn off.
Anything in the logs?

Get the status of fans and PSUs:

GSP> ps

Hope this helps!

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Re: hp server rp 5470 blinking attention light

HI, sorry for late reply


But how do i get into GSP mode.( without rebooting the server ).

its in live environment


Thanks in advance 


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Re: hp server rp 5470 blinking attention light

> But how do i get into GSP mode.


If you are accessing the local serial console, just press Control-B. It will not reboot the server: it will only temporarily disconnect the console from HP-UX and allow you to access the GSP. You can switch back to HP-UX by entering the CO (console) command to the GSP prompt.


If the GSP is configured for remote access (= the yellow "Remote" LED in the front panel is lit), then you may also be able to access the console+GSP through a remote modem connection or through a dedicated GSP network interface. The remote modem connection simply provides a terminal interface; the dedicated GSP network interface will allow at least telnet access. Depending on the hardware version of the GSP card, it may or may not have HTTP capability too.


Once you've established a connection and logged in to the GSP, you will be in the console mode by default; press Control-B to switch to the GSP prompt, just like on the local serial console. To disconnect the GSP connection, switch to the GSP prompt and use the DI (disconnect) command. For some reason, the disconnect command will first ask "Are you sure?" and then "disconnect *this* connection?", requiring you to answer "y" twice to disconnect.


(I guess if you had multiple active connections to the GSP, you could answer "n" to the second question to disconnect the *other* active GSP connections.)