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hp700/96 terminal substitution

tim elgee
Occasional Contributor

hp700/96 terminal substitution

Ok Guys, I need just a little more help. It looks like this terminal subject is fairly hot, so forgive the new thread.. I need the advice quickly!

I have no video card in the D220 server box, my LAN is not working so remote connection is not possible. My only recourse is a serial terminal (hp700/96) but we want to do this on the cheap.

I cannot find a direct replacement hp700/96 terminal for this box on e-bay, but there are a pile of Wyse GPTs that can be had for less than $100!

What are the basics that I am lookin for in a GPT (General Purpose Terminal) that will allow me to connect and get this baby rockin?

Serial port? Baud rate of a least 9600?
VT100/Unix console?

Any other personalities that I am missing?

This forum is a real lifesaver for all of us admin wannabe/havetobe's - tim
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: hp700/96 terminal substitution

eBay usually has a lot of HP terminals, not just the 700/96. Look for 700/92 and 700/94. Also look for an HP 2392A (small screen but cheap). The HP terminals will be the most useful when running menu programs like sam, swinstall, etc.

A second choice is to use an existing PC. For super-cheap, just download a copy of QCTerm which is a free HP terminal emulator: http://www.aics-research.com/qcterm/ Be sure to use a null-modem (ie, printer) style cable.

Otherwise, any VT100 capable terminal will work for most everything. 9600, 8N1 are the requirements.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Lee Harris_5
Valued Contributor

Re: hp700/96 terminal substitution


I had a similar problem with a C class workstation. No video card, LAN not working properly and no terminal. I also tried to connect it up to my PC via a Serial cable and use HyperTerminal to connect, but this wouldn't work properly either.

In the end I downloaded a trial copy of this product...


It was the only emulation app I could find which had an option to make it emulate a HP70092/70096 terminal and it works perfectly.