HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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hpux servers

Hari Prasad S R
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hpux servers

Hi all,

Can any one tell me the difference in booting procedure & configuration of D, L , N, rp7410, K, rp8420 & superdome. i need to know the differece between above mentioned class of server & i need to where can i get the release notes of the servers.
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Re: hpux servers

Hi ,

You will find related doc from http://docs.hp.com.

From L calss onwards the GSP is introduced ,so that your console is available over network .In D the cosole i/f is serial .

rp are capable of having server partitions .Lot more better refer link .


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Geoff Wild
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Re: hpux servers

Everything you need is on http://docs.hp.com


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Steven E. Protter
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Re: hpux servers

HP-UX boot process has not changed much.

It's OS dependent, not machine dependent.

The documentation at http://docs.hp.com is quite complete and broken down by server class.

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Hari Prasad S R
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Re: hpux servers

thx for the reply,

but i need to know the configuration of the servers,

thanks in advance
Patrick Wallek
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Re: hpux servers

What kind of configuration? Even the general details about those machines is a bit much to post here.

The docs.hp.com site is a good start.

You could also try going to http://itrc.hp.com and click on the "navigate knowledge trees" link. From there scroll down to the Hardware section and click on "servers". That will give you a list of almost all of HPs server type, past and present.
Hari Prasad S R
Frequent Advisor

Re: hpux servers