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init c640 on HP9000 D-250

New Member

init c640 on HP9000 D-250

Hi Guys,

I am new-b...I have a server HP9000 D-250 relocated and having following error init c640.

Could you guys please advice me what are the troubleshooting steps that I can take in order to solve this issue. 

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Re: init c640 on HP9000 D-250

This is not an error.


Init c640 = Initializing default console path


The system waits at the boot menu.


Is the serial console attached?


Maybe you need to reset the terminal.


Switch the terminal off, keep "d" key pressed and switch the terminal on for some seconds.



The menu looks like this, just type "bo pri" followed by "n":


------- Main Menu -------------------------------------------------------------

        Command                         Description
        -------                         -----------

        BOot [PRI|ALT|<path>]           Boot from specified path
        PAth [PRI|ALT] [<path>]         Display or modify a path
        SEArch [DIsplay|IPL] [<path>]   Search for boot devices

        COnfiguration menu              Displays or sets boot values
        INformation menu                Displays hardware information
        SERvice menu                    Displays service commands

        DIsplay                         Redisplay the current menu
        HElp [<menu>|<command>]         Display help for menu or command
        RESET                           Restart the system
Main Menu: Enter command or menu > bo pri
Interact with IPL (Y or N)?> n


Hope this helps!

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