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internal disk for k260

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internal disk for k260

Hi All,

Pls assist us if the se/hvd or fast wide differential scsi disk of intel servers wil recognize or work in K260 as internal disk.


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Re: internal disk for k260

I doubt it will not work. Though look like same, the 'firmware' could be diffrent!!

The internal disk bay of K260 doesn't support any LVD device. So never try an LVD disk.


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Re: internal disk for k260

I think the FW differential should works but it will work with a wrong firmware...

Stf ;-)
Joshua Scott
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Re: internal disk for k260

I would not recommend using a non-hp disk for a boot disk, because of the firmware issues. If you are using this as a data disk, then there should be no problem, as long as it is a HVD (High-Voltage Differential) Hard Drive.

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Re: internal disk for k260

use HP hard disks only as intenal disk.it is better..
Bill Hassell
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Re: internal disk for k260

Actually, there is *NO* PC-style disk that works in your K260. The disks are high-voltage fast wide differential. The high voltage disks are completely incompatible with common FWD disks. HP chose these disks (HV-FWD) because they were the fastest disks available more than 10 years ago and because the SCSI cables could be much longer (more than a dozen meters) than any other SCSI cable.

These disks have not been manufactured for many years so you'll have to purchase them from specialized used computer dealers. Most computer dealers have never heard of high voltage FWD SCSI. You can always refer to HP's parts ordering site at:


Bill Hassell, sysadmin