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manufacturing date

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Tuan Nguyen
Regular Advisor

manufacturing date

Hello experts,

How do I find out the manufactured date of a HP 9000 server given its serial number?

Thank you for your input.

Tuan Nguyen
Respected Contributor

Re: manufacturing date

No idea how to get the original manufacturing date from the serial number.

I have had someone ask that before but they were really looking for how the system was originally configured when shipped.

If that's your situation then use print_manifest -o for the original config.

You need the Ignite product for this command.
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Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: manufacturing date

Add 60 to the first two numbers of the serial number, this is the year of manufacture. The second two numbers of the
serial number are the week of manufacture. I have made an example of 2 systems that we have here.

K460 sn# 3741A45525 = 97 (1997) the 41st week of the year

D390-2 way sn# 3930A89201 = 99 (1999) the 30th week of the year

Hope this helps

Cypress Technology Inc
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Re: manufacturing date

This is the old style and this is changed some years ago. The coding also depends on the product line. Hard to suggest something in general ...

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: manufacturing date


Jesse is right for the older legacy stuff.

For newer machines the attached doc may help.

It really depends upon which server it is you are talking about

Tuan Nguyen
Regular Advisor

Re: manufacturing date


Thank you all for your responses. I appreciate your guidance.

Especially thanks to Jesse and Andrew, the information you both provided helped me to this specific issue.

Again, thank you so much.

Tuan Nguyen