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mirrordisk ux related- LVM

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mirrordisk ux related- LVM

I am trying to install Mirrordisk/UX software on a 700 series workstation so that I can mirror the disks
I have put the codeword and installed the software from the application CD
now do I need any other licenses to enable LVM Mirroring

Or is just codeword okay to get the mirror functionality of LVM working?
Andrew Rutter
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Re: mirrordisk ux related- LVM

Hi martin,

No thats it for the software and licence bit.

All you need to do is go ahead and create the mirrored drive. Make sure you get all the lvol's and then change the alternate boot path really.

reboot the alt path nad make sure it boots up ok when done.

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Re: mirrordisk ux related- LVM


If you have put the codeword and installed the soft it's ok to mirror your system and data.

Do a:
# swlist
to see if you have mirrordiskUX on your machine.

If it's ok you can usr "-m" option with lvextend to mirror your system or data

Stf ;-)
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Re: mirrordisk ux related- LVM

thanks for all the repies