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mixing memory dimms in rp7400

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Richard Kibler
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mixing memory dimms in rp7400

Need to verify that we can install 1gb and 512 MB dimms in am rp7400.

I have read that we need to put the larger dimms in the lowest slot # , and I assume that we need to balance these across the carrier boards.

Is there any thing else I might need to know about mixing memory dimms.

Thanks in advance.
Richard Kibler
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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: mixing memory dimms in rp7400

This link should tell you everything you need to know:


It's not a performance requirement that the largest modules be installed in the lowest slots but it is more convenient that way if you need to upgrade memory later. Yes, you do want to utilize all available carriers using all the 0a's and 0b's on all carriers before moving to the 1's, 2's, ... .

Mixing and matching module sizes is fine. It is perfectly okay to have a 1GB pair in slot 1 of Carrier 0 and a 512MB pair in slot 1 of carrier 1.
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Bernhard Mueller
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Re: mixing memory dimms in rp7400


there comes a time when you just *cannot* make it balanced with all the DIMMs you have. Don't worry, you would still prefer 7GB memory unbalanced over 6GB balanced. If you have it unblanced, memory test will give a warning to acknowledge, if you don't acknowlegde - timeout is 60 seconds, except for that boot sequence will go as usual.