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Re: modem problem

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modem problem

hi all

i have one modem dialing problem. i cant able to dial out from my hpux server 11.00. modem is working fine. i confirmed that.i checked the cable also. how i can check the connection from the modem and server.

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Re: modem problem

What is the model of your server and the modem type?
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Re: modem problem

Hi there.
Have you checked the devices for the modem in /dev ?
Something like /dev/cul0p1 /dev/cua0p1
and /dev/ttyd0p1. You can check this with the SAM ( system administration tool ).

Is a phone line connected to the modem in the rigth way ?

If you want to dial out, pls use
cu -l /dev/cul0p1 dir
That will give you a direct connection.
With 'at' commands you can work on the modem.
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