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moving servers

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Joe Long
Occasional Contributor

moving servers

We are going to move some 9000 and rp7410 servers to another building, about a five mile distance. We are using a professional mover to do the physical move. Are there any issues regarding support after the move, or a recertification process that needs to be carried out to continue support?
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: moving servers

Hi Joe,

Well, I would contract the local HP office to re-cable everything at the dest post-move (have the dest cabling ready pre-move) & run ODE (Off-line Diags) and not sign off on the move until the CE gives his/her blessing - just to put your mind at ease. It's $ well spent. If the mover objects - find another mover.

My $0.02,
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Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: moving servers

It sounds like you have already contracted with another mover so this may be too late but anyway ---- HP offers relocation services. You have a single contact thru them. A CE comes on-site to power down and get the machine ready to move. HP handles contracting the movers. And then you have a CE at the new site to put everything back together. When using HP, if I am not mistaken, if something happens its pretty much on HP to get it fixed. If something happens to your machines with the movers you contract, you may have to pay time-and-materials (lotsa $$$$$$) to get it fixed.

We moved some machines from North Carolina to Texas last year. We shipped them ourselves (we have our own fleet of trucks traveling all over the USA hauling our goods), but I did pay to have an engineer go to the North Carolina site prior to the move to certify the machines and then I paid to have an engineer in Texas to recertify the machines for maintenance after the move.

To be on the safe side, contact your HP support contract folks and talk with them and get their opinion. Since it is not very far you may not have any issues, but then again you may.

I absolutely prefer using HP for everything if at all possible.