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mp login

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mp login

server model rp3440

i need to take console login, but we dont have mp login ip and no console cable available.

but we have cross over cable. is it possiable to take mp login using cross wire cable .

if so can i have steps and where i have to connect cross cable in server to windows pc
stephen peng
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Re: mp login

As I recall, the default MP lan setting should be: IP/, netmask/, so just modify you pc lan setting to and then connect the cross over cable to MP LAN and telnet, you should be able to login MP.
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Re: mp login

Depending on firmware version the default is DHCP.

So if you don't know the IP and you don't have a serial cable, try system management homepage from OS if it detects the MP.

Hope this helps!

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Re: mp login

Hi, If nothing works,

Reset the MP, set IP using ARP and MAC

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