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n4000 rack kit

Eric Locsin
Frequent Advisor

n4000 rack kit

Does anyone know if there is an alternative rack kit for the n4000 server that can be used in a non HP rack? We're re-racking our HP servers in APC brand racks. The APC racks don't allow the rails to be screwed parallel to the sides of the racks like the HP racks can.
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Re: n4000 rack kit

There is only one kit for HP and compatible racks. Be aware that the HP racks for a N4000 are extended in depth.

Hope this helps!

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timmy b.
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Re: n4000 rack kit

Depending on the manufacturer, there are different ways that they will accomodate HP round hole style rails. Some companies make an entirely different column (the vertical "posts" in the rack) while others make a "hp adapter" bracket to modify thier own columns. You should check with APC for availability of adapters for your model number of rack.

Good Luck - Tim
There are 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, and those who don't.