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need a hardware machine to replace K260 box

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need a hardware machine to replace K260 box

We would like to stay with HP UX 11.0 32bit.
Any one can recommend a used HP UX machine that supports 32bit HP11 which runs faster than K260 box? Thanks in advance.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: need a hardware machine to replace K260 box


Your options are few. I can't imagine why you want to remain on a 32-bit kernel. That really limits your used hardware choices.

Moreover, 11.0 has been out-of-support since December 2006.

Finding used hardware and/or parts if you go the route you are proposing is going to be a challenge, too.

As I recall, the K260 was a 180MHz processor. A K570 ran at 200MHz; a K580 the same or maybe a little more. A D390 was rated at 240 if I remember correctly.

Choose your poison from table 1-3 here:




Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: need a hardware machine to replace K260 box

The K580 also ran at 240 MHz, like the D390. However, the K580 could have up to 6 processors where the D390 maxed out at 2.

Why do you want to stay with 11.0 32-bit? Are you worried about applications? 32-bit applications will generally run fine on a 64-bit operating system.
Honored Contributor

Re: need a hardware machine to replace K260 box

The k-580 would be the next step up, as noted above. The problem would be trying to locate one in up and running condition.

do you plan on a complete system swap, or simply changing out the cpus and keeping the existing peripherals?

also, there is the parts availability issues. For example, I've got (2) k-260s that have Model 20 High Availability arrays. The battery backup unit is no longer available...and when it fails, disk caching goes. I've had it happen once. Both were replaced at the time.

If you buy all the parts, then who gets to install components and cable it up?

you might be able to ignite from one to the other, but if the peripherals / cards change, you're gonna need the install disks.

I don't see an upside to this approach.

having said all that, you might check with
either black river computing or nasi.

www.blackriver.com or www.nasi.com

david d_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: need a hardware machine to replace K260 box

The K580 is your only option. There are plenty available in the refurb market. Parts are plentiful and they are extremely reliable systems. If you need any help feel free to drop me a line.

rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: need a hardware machine to replace K260 box

Do you have kernel components in your solutions or something? Otherwise, 32-bit apps run just fine on a 64-bit HP-UX kernel.

Heck, your 32-bit applications running on 11.0 would probably run under Aries on an Integrity system.

Can you define "faster" here? Higher overall throughput? Faster single-threaded performance?

The K580 was indeed a great box in its day, but it did suffer from limitations on the memory bus - that poor thing was stretched to the limit trying to keep six CPUs fed. In some benchmarking it was a good idea to disable HW prefetching to lighten the load on the memory bus. That is one of the reasons why the N4000 with only two more processors was so much faster...
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