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one cell can not power on

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one cell can not power on

when i type PE-->T to power on the RP8400 server,the cell0 can not power on,also the right pci power supply can not power on;so i type PE-->C-->selct 0,then power on the cell0,it cannot power on ,but the pci power supply can power on;

i try to plug it out then in ,but get no result;

and there is not error log on the console;

does it get failed?

and i want to make sure that it correlated with the firmware?

thank you !
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: one cell can not power on

I would recomend to check the error and activity log with the MP "sl" command.
Did you get an error when using the "pe" command ?
Sometimes it is interesting to check the status of the PDHC (this is a piece of hardware on the cell that controls power etc.) with the "de" command in the MP CM> menue.
The PDHC should work even if the cell is powered off (it gets 12 V houskeeping power when the cell is plugged in and needs ~ 30 seconds to become operational after that).
You can check the firmware with "sysrev", but the firmware is not involved before the cell is powered on.

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Re: one cell can not power on

thank you ~

very helpful