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Re: panic,toc,hpmc



Dear sirs,
what is panic and Toc and hpmc and when this are initiated by the system ,what is the role of each in crash dumps?
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Re: panic,toc,hpmc

TOC=transfer of control
This is usually a reset of the machine, either by pressing the TOC button, or through the GSP/MP RS command

HPMC=High Priority Machine Check
Generally a processor fault - usually hardware

panic=software fault

The last two will most likely cause a dump to be taken, however a TOC is a normal event and there will not be a dump.


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Re: panic,toc,hpmc

TOC's do in fact create dumps. If you have a hung system, get to the MP and perform a TC, do not do an RS (reset) as RS's do not save dumps.

HPMC are hardware generated, check your tombstone file.
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Re: panic,toc,hpmc

Hi Tankkapan,
Normally system can go down by three means (panic, toc,hpmc).

1.If any software related issue in system which casues the system reboot is called panic.

2. If a system is inoparable and it is in hung state and user initiates is TOC to bring up the system. This is done from MP by issuing TC command. during this tc or panic a crash dump will be generated in /var/adm/crash/crash.x which will be used to identify the root cause.

3. Any hardware failes (which is basic requirement of system Processor, memory, I/O) which cause the system reboot is called HPMC. Normally whenever HPMC occurs it will be stored in /var/tombstones/tsxx file. we can analyse the HPMC root cause using the file. Normally ts99 will be having the latest hpmc details

Thanks and regards