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pat_set_hardfail_enable - status -13

Saurabh Kapoor_2
Frequent Advisor

pat_set_hardfail_enable - status -13

Hi all,
I upgraded my L1000 server yesterday from 512 MB memory to 2 GB. Now I start getting error as below when I run dmesg to check how much memory is there.
The error is as below:
Line 5077 in /ux/core/kern/common/io/pat_psm.c: pat_set_hardfail_enable - status -13
Can anyone please throw some light on this. I searched on the forum and saw that it was recommended to install PHSS_25685 and instaled that but still I am getting this error.
Please help.
Cant start OTS
melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: pat_set_hardfail_enable - status -13

I suspect you may have a bad memory DIMM. Try shutting hte systemn down an dreseating the new diim's.
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